The following awards will be presented at the IE 2022 Conference:

  • Beatrice WORSLEY award for the best full paper
  • Best short paper award
  • Best Demos&Video award
  • Best Presentation awards  for a full paper presentation
    • by a female presenter
    • by a male presenter

This twin presentation award has been set up to encourage equal visibility of female and male researchers. The awards will be allocated to the whole co-authors of the presented paper. The attribution will be decided by a jury of people of equally balanced gender.

Each award will be accompagnied with a certificate and a free 3-month online subscription to JAISE provided by our sponsor IOSpress.


  • IE’21 Best Full Paper: “GRETA: Pervasive and AR interfaces for Controlling Intelligent Greenhouses” by Iraklis Bekiaris, Asterios Leonidis, Maria Korozi, Christos Stratakis,
    Emmanouil Zidianakis, Maria Doxastaki and Constantine Stephanidis.
  • IE’21 Beatrice Worsley award: Masi Mohammadi, Eindhoven University of Technology
  • IE’21 Best Short Paper: “Experimenting a Healthy Ageing Community in Immersive Virtual Reality Environment: The Case of World’s Longest-lived Populations” by Peyman Najafi, Masi Mohammadi, Pascale M. Le Blanc and Pieter Van Wesemael
  • IE’20 Best Full Paper: “Towards an automatic recommendation system to well-being for elderly based on augmented reality” by Luis Ronquillo, Víctor Zamudio, David Gutiérrez-Hernández, Javier Navarro, Faiyaz Doctor and Carlos Lino.
  • IE’20 Best Short Paper: “Estimation of User’s Orientation via Wearable UWB” by Chiara Bonsignori, Fabio Condomitti, Marco Del Gamba, Federico Garzelli, Leonardo Lossi, Francesco Mione, Alessandro Noferi and Alessio Vecchio
  • IE’19 Best Full Paper: “Remote Detection of Indoor Human Proximity using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons” by Michele Girolami, Fabio Mavilia, Paolo Barsocchi, Filippo Palumbo and Stefano Chessa
  • IE’19 Best Short Paper: “Holistic Blockchain Approach to Trust, Privacy and Security in IoT based Ambient Assisted Living” by Akpanakak Henry Mkpa, Jeannette Chin and AndrainWinckles
  • IE’18 Best Full Paper: “Mining Local Process Models with Constraints Efficiently: Applications to the Analysis of Smart Home Data” by Niek Tax, Natalia Sidorova, Reinder Haakma and Wil M. P. van der Aalst.
  • IE’18 Best Short Paper: “Implementation and Evaluation of Peripheral Light Feedback for Mid-Air Gesture Interaction in the Car” by Florian Roider and Konstantin Raab
  • IE’18 Best Presentation: “Implementation and Evaluation of Peripheral Light Feedback for Mid-Air Gesture Interaction in the Car” offered to Florian Roider
  • IE’18 Best Doctoral Colloquium Paper: “Anomaly Detection in Elderly Daily Behavior” by Parvaneh Parvin, Fabio Paterno and Stefano Chessa
  • IE’18 Best Reviewer: Miguel J. Hornos
  • IE’16 Best Full Paper: “Evaluating future automation work in process plants with an experience-driven science fiction prototype” by T. Kymäläinen, E. Kaasinen, M. Aikala, H. Paunonen, J. Ruotsalainen, L. Hakulinen, T. Heimonen, and P. Mannonen
  • IE’16 Best Short Paper: “Money Handling Training: Applications for Persons with Downs Syndrome” by S. Rus and A. Braun.
  • IE’16 Best Doctoral Colloquium Paper: “Activity Recognition from Video Data using Spatial and Temporal Features” by M. Al-Wattar, R. Khusainov, D. Azzi, and J. Chiverton.
  • IE’16 Best Demo/Video Paper: “Human Gaze and Focusof- Attention in Dual Reality Human-Robot Collaboration” by M.M. Moniri, F.A. Espinosa Valcarcel, D. Merkel, and D. Sonntag.